Zero Robotics

Students watch astronauts test their code live on the ISS.
Zero Robotics is a competition for high school and middle school students in which students program SPHERES to complete games. There are two tournaments each year; one each for high school teams and middle school teams. The program gives young students the opportunity to run their code in space.

Teams are given a challenge which they must overcome by programming the SPHERES satellite. In the first several rounds the code is run in simulations. Based on the results of the simulation rounds, finalists are selected. An astronaut will run the code of the finalists live on board the space station.

Zero Robotics aims to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers by providing an opportunity to directly interact with the space program. The competition encourages students to develop their math and science skills as well as an appreciation for space engineering.

For the details of the competition and registration instructions visit the Zero Robotics website by clicking the link below: