Guest Scientist Program

The goal of the SPHERES Guest Scientist Program (GSP) is to enable guest investigators to design experiments for the SPHERES testbed.


Below is the documentation for visiting scientists to reference.
GSP Interface Document [pdf] 2.1 2010-01-05 Describes how to interface with the SPHERES program on all levels, from software APIs to the development process to delivery procedures.
SPHERES Specifications sheet [pdf] 2007-05-20 Detailed information on the physical properties of the SPHERES hardware, such as inertia matrices, sensor calibration data
SPHERES Expansion Port Interface Control Document [pdf] 1.0 2010-01-12 Provides the mechanical and electrical specifications to interface with the SPHERES Expansion Dock.
SPHERES Summary Poster [pdf] 2017-07-25 Provides an overview of the SPHERES facility and ongoing projects.

Published journal and conference papers may be found in the library.