SPHERES ISS Test Sessions

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NameSlosh Science 1
GMT Date59/2014
Start (ET)00:01
End (ET)19:12
Crew MembersRichard A. Mastracchio
SummaryThe SPHERES ISS Test Session 58 occurred on 28 February 2014 operated by crew member Richard A. Mastracchio.

During this session the crew member was first asked to experiment with different ways of manipulating the slosh experiment in order to reduce the amount of bubbles formed inside the tank. once a preferred motion is identified that successfully reduces bubble count, this motion will be repeated before positioning the hardware for every subsequent test run, intending to therefore provide a lean initial condition.

The system was also comanded to perform translation, rotation, and pitch open-loop maneuvers to provide benchmarking data for the behavior of fluids in a microgravity environment. Additionally the dominace of fluid forces during higher accelerations, imposed by the crew member were observed.

Test PlanPDF Test Plan: SPHERES_Test_Plan_ISS_58.pdf
Results ReportNone available.
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