SPHERES ISS Test Sessions

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NameAutonomous Assembly of Space Structures
GMT Date271/2008
Start (ET)10:02
End (ET)19:12
Crew MembersGregory Chamitoff
SummaryThe SPHERES Test Session 13 occurred on 2008-September-27, operated by astronaut Greg Chamitoff. This session has minimal operational difficulties (outside of the SPHERES team control), which were quickly resolved. This resulted in a large number of tests conducted, with several important results. The session provided important data for autonomous assembly of space structures by showing the ability of two satellites to jointly fire thrusters and perform precision maneuvers (previously only coarse maneuvers had been achieved). A JPL led test to demonstrate better use of fuel was successful; the data provided is enough to complete the first stage of this “control allocation” research thread, allowing the tests to move to the next phases of control in future sessions. New advanced controllers (H-infinity and Cyclic Pursuit) were tested during this session with partial results. More tests will be performed for both. Lastly, collision avoidance maneuvers were successfully demonstrated. Multiple formation reconfigurations of three satellites were performed; in each case the satellites “straight” path from one location to another would normally result in a collision. The implemented collision avoidance algorithms successfully modified the trajectories, in real time and autonomously, to prevent collisions during the different reconfiguration maneuvers.
Test PlanPDF Test Plan: SPHERES_Test_Plan_ISS_13.pdf
Results ReportSPHERES_ISS_TS013_Report.pdf
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