SPHERES ISS Test Sessions

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NameFluid Slosh, Multi-Spacecraft Reconfig, Formation Flight
GMT Date177/2009
Start (ET)05:02
End (ET)19:12
Crew MembersMichael Barratt
SummaryThe SPHERES Test Session 16 occurred on 2009-June-26, operated by astronaut Michael Barrat. This session was a return to operations after a period of more than 7 months without operations and operated by a new crew member. Issues arose in the setup of beacons. Some issues arose when setting up the beacon and loading the satellites. Postoperations analysis showed that two beacons were wrongly entered into the GUI which affected the performance of the global estimation. The Fluid Slosh tests were the only tests that were successfully run, due to operational issues, and so the only ones that were able to meet their objectives. The Fluid Slosh tests verified the major principal axis of the SPHERES and observed nutation for both tests. The use of video as the sole source of rotation rate was found not to allow for full nutation characterization. Also, the effect of atmospheric drag was observed when the SPHERE was rotating without control and needs to be considered for physical system tests.
Test Plan
Results ReportSPHERES_ISS_TS016_Report_DRAFT.pdf
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