SPHERES ISS Test Sessions

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NameSlosh and Collision Avoidance
GMT Date280/2010
Start (ET)10:01
End (ET)19:12
Crew MembersShannon Walker

TS 24, executed on October 07, 2010 was operated by astronaut Shannon Walker. The session contained a total of 22 tests within three test groups, from which the first two groups were successfully executed by the crew. The first one-satellite test group contained fluid slosh, thruster fault recovery and human interaction tests. The second group contained two-satellite human interaction tests for collision avoidance. The third group, which was not executed, dealt with three-satellite decentralized control.

The two thruster failure recovery tests successfully demonstrated the use of model predictive control (MPC) to control a satellite with failed thrusters. MPC showed a large improvement over a simple path planning technique that was tested in Test Session 18. In addition, these on-orbit results provided the necessary data to validate the simulations of MPC.

Fluid Slosh Abstract.

It could be shown within the space-based test setup, that the ability of a human operator to steer a free-flying satellite, such as a SPHERE, is highly evolved. Test subjects reached very good overall performance values. No collision between any spacecraft occurred during all performed experiments. The crew showed the ability to effectively steer a satellite and position it precisely with respect to some object with extremely low residual velocity. The judgment of distance, both on ground and in three dimensions aboard ISS with direct visual feedback proved to be highly evolved, even without previous training. The overall human task performance significantly decreased in case of increasing time delay, within the performed experiments with manual and assisted control and direct visual feedback.

Test PlanPDF Test Plan: SPHERES_Test_Plan_ISS_24.pdf
Results ReportSPHERES_ISS_TS024_Report.pdf
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