SPHERES ISS Test Sessions

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NameSlosh, Wall Collision Avoidance, Recovery from Thrust Fail, Spiral Maneuvers for Interferometry
GMT Date227/2009
Start (ET)05:01
End (ET)19:12
Crew MembersMichael Barratt
Timothy Kopra
SummaryThe SPHERES ISS Test Session 18 occurred on August 15th, 2009 and was operated by Michael Barratt and Timothy Kopra. The session lasted three hours and thirty minutes and had no major operational difficulties. The issues with the beacon locations seen in Test Session 17 were solved and all beacons were placed correctly. There were, however, issues with the code: one test did not run properly, and two other tests did not use the desired controller. Seventeen unique tests were run in total during the session. The one-satellite tests explored fluid slosh, wall collision avoidance, and recovery for a satellite with a failed thruster. The fluid slosh tests looked at the differences in effects due to nearly full and nearly empty fuel tanks. The thruster failure recovery test successfully demonstrated a simple technique to control a spacecraft with a single failed-off thruster. Data from this test will serve as a performance baseline for more robust control techniques, namely Model Predictive Control. The two-satellite tests explored spiral maneuvers for interferometry. The first spiral test showed that the SPHERES are capable of centimeter-level precision control during a spiral trajectory. The stop and stare test improved on the results from Test Session 14. The diamond test will need to be re-run, as there was an error in the code. Both the Park and Anticipatory tests were not successful, as they used a PID controller instead of the desired advanced controller. The three-satellite tests explored formation acquisition and fuel balancing. The three lost in space tests validated the three-satellite lost in space algorithm, but were not fully successful due to issues with the onboard beacon. The fuel balancing tests did not show good path following during the fuel-balancing maneuver.
Test PlanPDF Test Plan: SPHERES_Test_Plan_ISS_18.pdf
Results ReportSPHERES_ISS_TS018_Report.pdf
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