SPHERES ISS Test Sessions

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NameInterferometry and Docking
GMT Date301/2008
Start (ET)10:01
End (ET)19:12
Crew MembersGregory Chamitoff
Michael Fincke
SummaryThe SPHERES Test Session 14 occurred on 2008-October-26, 2008-October-27, and 2008-November-1, operated by astronauts Greg Chamitoff and Mike Fincke. This session had an operational difficulty involving the laptop communications transmitter on the first day the session was conducted, which was resolved; no other operational issues occurred during the next days of operation. An EPO activity scheduled during the first day limited the crew time dedicated to direct SPHERES science. This test session explored activities using all three satellites; a total of 16 unique tests were attempted at least once. The single satellite experiments consisted of two parts: continued fluid slosh testing from the previous test sessions by analyzing nutation rates along different axes of the satellites; and an updated comparison of robust control maneuvers using H-infinity control. Two satellite experiments focused on spiral maneuvers for formation flying interferometry missions, demonstrating three different trajectories from different imaging techniques, along with LQR-based docking tests. Three satellite tests covered a range of operations including failure isolation for communications failures and thrust failures in satellite formations, fault tolerant docking, fuel-balancing interferometric maneuvers, and decentralized control. Operational difficulties on the first day confirmed the need to start sessions with single-satellite tests, and to start tests with visually clearly identifiable success criteria, while tests across the different days of operation illustrated the dynamical limitations of SPHERES and the physical and dynamical regions of operation that should be avoided for less noisy scientific data.
Test PlanPDF Test Plan: SPHERES_Test_Plan_ISS_14.pdf
Results ReportSPHERES_ISS_TS014_Report.pdf
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