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Self-assembling Wireless Autonomous Reconfigurable Modules

The Self-assembling Wireless Autonomous Reconfigurable Modules (SWARM) project will demonstrate the use of a modular spacecraft utilizing wireless communication that is capable of self-assembly and reconfiguration. Demonstrating these functionalities can advance the design of reusable, modular spacecraft by showing that such a design is feasible and cost-effective and has several advantages over traditional monolithic spacecraft. A modular spacecraft is advantageous because reusing and reconfiguring the same modules, either in-flight or pre-flight, will eliminate much of the expensive design, testing, and integration work associated with developing a unique space system. In addition, allowing modules to be easily reconfigured will provide flexibility for overall spacecraft designs, thereby allowing different missions to be conducted using the same basic satellite systems. Having standardized interfaces utilizing wireless technology for communication can simplify the interface design and more easily allow for modularity.

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2009, SM
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