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Ward, Eric
2016, SM
A Socio-Technical Systems Analysis of Change Processes in the Design of Flagship Interplanetary Missions

Warkentin, David
1991, SM
Embedded Electronics for Intelligent Structures

Warner, Noah
2003, SM
Performance Testing and Internal Probe Measurements of a High Specific Impulse Hall Thruster
2007, PhD
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Hall Thruster Miniaturization

Wehowsky, Andreas
2003, SM
Safe Distributed Coordination of Heterogeneous Robots through Dynamic Simple Temporal Networks

Wertz, Julie
2002, SM
Reliability and Productivity Modeling for the Optimization of Separated Spacecraft Interferometers
2005, PhD
Expected Productivity-Based Risk Analysis in Conceptual Design: With Application to the Terrestrial Planet Finder Interferometer Mission

White, Daniel
2008, SM
Power Balance in a Helicon Plasma Source for Space Propulsion

Whiting, James
2004, SM
Orbital Transfer Trajectory Optimization

Whitlock, Caleb
2014, SM
Application of Ion Electrospray Propulsion to Lunar and Interplanetary Missions

Wise, Evan
2013, SM
Design, Analysis, and Testing of a Precision Guidance, Navigation, and Control System for a Dual-Spinning Cubesat

Woffinden, David
2004, SM
On-Orbit Satellite Inspection: Navigation and Delta V Analysis

Wong, Jonathan
2001, SM
Implementation of Multi-Layer Active Structural-Acoustic Transmission Control