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Takahashi, Nanako
2010, SM
Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Ionic Liquids in Electrospray Propulsion

Takigushi, Yu
2009, SM
Emission of Whistler Waves from an Ionospheric Tether

Tartler, Brett
2010, SM
Construction and Performance of an Inverted Pendulum Thrust Balance

Taylor, Christine
2007, PhD
Integrated Transportation System Design Optimization

Teran, Antonio
2017, SM
Probabilistic and Learning Approaches through Concurrent Parameter Estimation and Adaptive Control for In-Space Robotic Assembly

Thai, Sonny
2012, SM
Collaborative Editor Environments for Player Programs

Thomas, Stephanie
2001, SM
Developing a Space Shuttle Experiment for Hall and Pulsed Plasma Thrusters

Tillerson, Michael
2002, SM
Coordination and Control of Multiple Spacecraft using Convex Optimization Techniques

Tsay, Michael
2010, PhD
Two-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Radio-Frequency Ion Engine Discharge

Tuttle, Timothy
1997, PhD
Creating Time-Optimal Commands For Linear Systems

Tweddle, Brent
2010, SM
Computer Vision Based Navigation for Spacecraft Proximity Operations
2013, PhD
Computer Vision-Based Localization and Mapping of an Unknown, Uncooperative and Spinning Target for Spacecraft Proximity Operations