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Saenz-Otero, Alvar
2000, SM
The SPHERES Satellite Formation Flight Testbed: Design and Initial Control
2005, PhD
Design Principles for the Development of Space Technology Maturation Laboratories Aboard the International Space Station

Sakaguchi, Aya
2007, SM
Micro-Electromagnetic Formation Flight of Satellite Systems

Samuels, Ayanna
2005, SM
Assessing the Technical, Economic and Policy-centered Feasibility of a Proposed Satellite Communication System for the Developing World

Sanchez, William
2017, SM
State Estimation of Cooperative Satellites for On-Orbit Assembly and Servicing of Spacecraft

Schmidt, Frank
2013, SM
Fault Tolerant Design Implementation on Radiation Hardened By Design SRAM-Based FPGAs

Schneider, Jonathan
2016, SM
A Pilot Study of Fatigue and Situation Awareness During Simulated Small Satellite Operations

Schreiner, Samuel
2015, SM
Molten Regolith Electrolysis Reactor Modeling and Optimization of In-Situ Resource Utilization Systems

Schwarz, Robert
1997, SM
A Probabilistic Model of the Effects of Satellite System Automation on Availability and Costs

Schweighart, Samuel
2001, SM
Development and Analysis of a High Fidelity Linearized J2 Model for Satellite Formation Flying
2005, PhD
Electromagnetic Formation Flight Dipole Solution Planning

Scialom, Uriel
2003, SM
Optimization of Satellite Constellation Reconfiguration

Sedwick, Ray
1997, PhD
Analysis of an Open Cycle Gas Core Nuclear Propulsion System Using MHD Driven Vortices for Fuel Containment

Setterfield, Timothy
2017, PhD
On-Orbit Inspection of a Rotating Object Using a Moving Observer

Shaw, Graeme
1998, PhD
The Generalized Information Network Analysis Methodology for Distributed Satellite Systems

Sheerin, Todd
2015, SM
Design and Utility Assessment of Attitude Control Systems for EVA Task Performance

Shull, Sarah
2007, SM
Integrated Modeling and Simulation of Lunar Exploration Campaign Logistics

Siddiqi, Afreen
2006, PhD
Reconfigurability in Space Systems: Architecting Framework and Case Studies

Smith, Bryan
2002, SM
Definition, Expansion and Screening of Architectures for Planetary Exploration Class Nuclear Electric Propulsion and Power Systems

Smith, Matthew
2014, PhD
Model-Based Requirement Defi nition for Instrument Systems
2010, SM
Minimizing Actuator-Induced Residual Error in Active Space Telescope Primary Mirrors

Sondecker, George
2011, SM
Identification and Evolution of Quantities of Interest for a Stochastic Process View of Complex Space System Development

Sou, Kin Cheon
2002, SM
Fast Time Domain Simulation for Large Order Hybrid Systems

Spangler, Ronald
1994, PhD
Broadband Control of Structural Vibration Using Simultaneous Sensing and Actuation with Nonlinear Piezoelectric Elements

Steiner, Ted
2015, PhD
Utility-based Map Reduction for Ground and Flight Vehicle Navigation

Stephenson, Robert
1998, SM
Comparative System Trades Between Structurally Connected and Separated Spacecraft Interferometers for the Terrestrial Planet Finder Mission

Sternberg, David
2014, SM
Development of an Incremental and Iterative Risk Reduction Facility for Robotic Servicing and Assembly Missions
2017, PhD
Optimal Docking to Tumbling Objects with Uncertain Properties

Stewart, Andrzej
2007, SM
Design and Optimization of Lightweight Space Telescope Structures

Stout, Kevin
2013, SM
Design Optimization of Thermal Paths in Spacecraft Systems
2015, PhD
Bayesian-based Simulation Model Validation for Spacecraft Thermal Systems

Sullivan, Kay Ueda
2004, SM
PIC Simulation of SPT Hall Thrusters: High Power Operation and Wall Effects

Surka, Derek
1996, SM
A Comparison of Structurally Connected and Multiple Spacecraft Interferometers

Szabo, James
2001, PhD
Fully Kinetic Numerical Modeling of a Plasma Thruster