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Radcliffe, Andrew
2002, SM
A Real-Time Simulator for the SPHERES Formation Flying Satellites Testbed

Ramirez, Jaime
2010, PhD
New Decentralized Algorithms for Spacecraft Formation Control Based on a Cyclic Approach

Reich, Gregory
1994, SM
Design and Modeling of an Active Aeroelastic Wing

Reichbach, Jeffrey
2001, SM
Micropropulsion System Selection for Precision Formation Flying Satellites

Richards, Arthur
2002, SM
Trajectory Optimization using Mixed-Integer Linear Programming

Richmond, John
2010, SM
Adaptive Thermal Modeling Architecture for Small Satellite Applications

Riesing, Kathleen
2015, SM
Development of a Pointing, Acquisition, and Tracking System for a Nanosatellite Laser Communications Module

Robertson, Darrel
1998, SM
A Two-Dimensional, Non-Equilibrium, Numerical Model of an Alkali Seeded Hydrogen Arcjet Thruster

Robinson, Joseph
2010, SM
An Integrated Evolutionary Model Approach to Small Satellite Engineering

Rodgers, Lennon
2005, SM
Concepts and Technology Development for the Autonomous Assembly and Reconfiguration of Modular Space Systems