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Pacros, Anne
2002, SM
Instruments Design and Testing for a Hall Thruster Plume Experiment on the Space Shuttle

Paek, Sung Wook
2012, SM
Reconfigurable Satellite Constellations for Geo-spatially Adaptive Earth Observation Missions

Paek, Sung
2016, PhD
Asteroid Deflection Campaign Design Integrating Epistemic Uncertainty

Pang, Anthony
2013, SM
Development and Simulation of a Cylindrical Cusped-Field Thruster and a Diagnostics Tool for Plasma-Materials Interactions

Panish, Robert
2008, SM
Vehicle Egomotion Estimation Using Computer Vision

Pascal, Robert
1999, SM
Actuator and Sensor Design and Modeling for Structural Acoustic Control

Pasqual, Michael
2016, PhD
Experimental Study of Non-resolved Active Polarimetry for Space Surveillance

Pigeon, Tim
2005, SM
Studies of Plume Condensation Contamination upon Surfaces of the Terrestrial Planet Finder Spacecraft

Pohlman, Nicholas
2002, SM
Estimation and Control of a Multi-Vehicle Testbed Using GPS Doppler Sensing

Pong, Christopher
2010, SM
Autonomous Thruster Failure Recovery for Underactuated Spacecraft
2014, PhD
High-Precision Pointing and Attitude Estimation and Control Algorithms for Hardware-Constrained Spacecraft

Pucci, Justin
2007, SM
An Analysis of Energy Balance in a Helicon Plasma Source for Space Propulsion