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Makarenko, Alexei
1998, SM
Force and Strain Feedback for Distributed Actuation

Makins, Brian
2002, SM
Interferometer Architecture Trade Studies for the Terrestrial Planet Finder Mission

Makowka, Konrad
2012, SM
Vision Based Navigation with an Experimental Satellite Testbed

Mallory, Gregory
2000, PhD
Development and Experimental Validation of Direct Controller Tuning for Spaceborne Telescopes

Mandy, Christophe
2009, SM
Trajectory Design and Control for Formation Flying Spaceborne Interferometers

Marais, Karen
2001, SM
The Development and Analysis of Scanned Pattern Interferometric Radar

Marinan, Annie
2013, SM
From CubeSats to Constellations: Systems Design and Performance Analysis

Marlow, Weston
2016, SM
Improving Attitude Determination and Control of Resource-constrained CubeSats Using Unscented Kalman Filtering

Martinez-Perez, Carla
2013, SM
Characterization of Ionic Liquid Ion Sources for Focused Ion Beam Applications

Masters, Brett
1994, SM
Multiple degree of freedom force-state component identification
1997, PhD
Evolutionary Design of Controlled Structures

Masterson, Rebecca
2005, PhD
Dynamic Tailoring and Tuning for Space-Based Precision Optical Structures
1999, SM
Development and Validation of Empirical and Analytical Reaction Wheel Disturbance Models

Masuyama, Kento
2016, PhD
Electrochemistry of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids with Applications to Electrospray Propulsion

Matlock, Taylor
2012, PhD
An Exploration of Prominent Cusped-Field Thruster Phenomena: The Hollow Conical Plume and Anode Current Bifurcation

McCarthy, Bryan
2014, SM
Flight Hardware Development for a Space-based Robotic Assembly and Servicing Testbed

McCloskey, Scott
2007, SM
Development of Legged, Wheeled, and Hybrid Rover Mobility Models to Facilitate Planetary Surface Exploration Mission Analysis

McConnell, Joshua
2002, SM
Technical and Policy Issues Surrounding the Use of Autonomous Maneuverable Earth Observing Satellites

McCormack, Matthew
2011, SM
Trade Study and Application of Symbiotic Software and Hardware Fault-tolerance on a Microcontroller-based Avionics System

McGuire, Thomas
2001, SM
Aero-Assisted Orbital Transfer Vehicles Utilizing Atmosphere Ingestion
2007, PhD
Improved Lifetimes and Synchronization Behavior in Multi-grid Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion Devices

McLinko, Ryan
2011, SM
Conceptual Phase Structural Design Tool for Microsatellites

McMenamin, Conor
2016, SM
Application of Bayesian-based Uncertainty and Global Sensitivity Analyses to Spacecraft Thermal Design

Merchant, Christopher
2001, SM
Active Noise Control Using Glow Discharge Plasma Panels

Mier-Hicks, Fernando
2017, PhD
Spacecraft Charging and Attitude Control Characterization of Electrospray Thrusters on a Magnetically Levitated Testbed

Miller, Duncan
2015, SM
Development of Resource-Constrained Sensors and Actuators for In-Space Satellite Docking and Servicing

Miller, Catherine
2015, SM
On the Stability of Complex Ions in Ionic Liquid Ion Sources

Minier, Alain
2013, SM
Vision-based navigation for the inspection of a spinning spacecraft

Mockelman, Jeffrey
2015, SM
Semi-Analytical Model of Ionization Oscillations in Hall Thrusters

Mohan, Swati
2007, SM
Reconfiguration Methods for On-orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Operations with Application to Space Telescopes
2010, PhD
Quantitative Selection and Design of Model Generation Architectures for On-Orbit Autonomous Assembly

Myers, Rebecca
2008, SM
Potential For Tsunami Detection And Early-Warning Using Space-Based Passive Microwave Radiometry