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Lamamy, Julien-Alexandre
2004, SM
Enhancing the science return of Mars missions via sample preparation, robotic surface exploration and in orbit fuel production
2007, PhD
Methods and Tools for the Formulation, Evaluation and Optimization of Rover Mission Concepts

Lamassoure, Elisabeth
2001, SM
A Framework to Account for Flexibility in Modeling the Value of On-Orbit Servicing for Space Systems

Lee, Sang-il
2008, SM
Design and Implementation of the State Estimator for Trajectory Following of an Electromagnetic Formation Flight Testbed

Legge, Robert
2008, SM
Fabrication and Characterization of Porous Metal Emitters for Electrospray Applications
2014, PhD
Optimization and Valuation of Recon gurable Satellite Constellations Under Uncertainty

Lim, Ryan
2006, SM
Staged Attitude-Metrology Pointing Control and Parametric Integrated Modeling for Space-based Optical Systems

Lin, Charrissa
1996, PhD
Towards Optimal Strain Actuated Aeroelastic Control

Liu, Kuo-Chia (Alice)
2003, PhD
Stochastic Performance Analysis and Staged Control System Designs for Space Based Interferometers

Lobosco, David
2004, SM
Integrated Modeling of Optical Performance for the Terrestrial Planet Finder Structurally Connected Interferometer

Lohmeyer, Whitney
2013, SM
Data Management of Geostationary Communications Satellite Telemetry and Correlation to Space Weather
2015, PhD
Space Radiation Environment Impacts on High Power Amplifiers and Solar Cells On-board Geostationary Communications Satellites

Lowey, Charlotte
2017, SM
Design and Analysis of Penetrator Probes for Planetary Science Applications

Lozano-Tovar, Paulo
2003, PhD
Studies on the Ion-Droplet Mixed Regime in Colloid Thrusters
1998, SM
Dynamic Models for Liquid Rocket Engines with Health Monitoring Application

Lublin, Leonard
1996, PhD
The Use of Additional Actuators to Enhance Performance Robustness