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Katz, Jacob
2009, SM
Estimation and Control of Flexible Space Structures for Autonomous On-Orbit Assembly
2013, PhD
Achieving Broad Access to Satellite Control Research with Zero Robotics

Kay, Ewan
2016, SM
Numerical Models of Hall Thruster Ionization Oscillations

Kennedy, Andrew
2015, SM
Resource Optimization Algorithms for an Automated Coordinated CubeSat Constellation

Kenny, Sean
2002, PhD
Optimal Rejection of Nonstationary Narrowband Disturbances for Flexible Systems

Khayms, Vadim
2000, PhD
Advanced Propulsion for Microsatellites

Kim, Philip
2000, SM
Model-based planning for coordinated air vehicle missions

Kim, Susan
2006, SM
Mission Design and Trajectory Analysis for Inspection of a Host Spacecraft by a Microsatellite

Kim, Yool
1998, PhD
Thermal Creak Induced Dynamics of Space Structures
1995, SM
Transient Thermo-Structural Analysis of an Insulated Space Structure

Kimbrel, Scott
2002, SM
Optimization of Electric Propulsion Orbit Raising

Kingsbury, Ryan
2015, PhD
Optical Communications for Small Satellites

Knutson, Matthew
2012, SM
Fast Star Tracker Centroid Algorithm for High Performance CubeSat with Air Bearing Validation

Kong, Edmund
2002, PhD
Spacecraft Formation Flight Exploiting Potential Fields
1998, SM
Optimal Trajectories and Orbit Design for Separated Spacecraft Interferometry

Kuwata, Yoshiaki
2003, SM
Real-time Trajectory Design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using Receding Horizon Control

Kwon, Daniel
2005, SM
Electromagnetic Formation Flight of Satellite Arrays
2009, PhD
Cryogenic Heat Pipe for Cooling High Temperature Superconductors with Application to Electromagnetic Formation Flight Satellites