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Jacques, Robert
1994, PhD
On-Line System Identification and Control Design for Flexible Structures

James, Jillian
2016, SM
Development of a Verification and Validation Framework for Autonomous Soft-Docking of Spacecraft with Uncertain Dynamic Properties

Jewison, Christopher
2014, SM
Reconfigurable Thruster Selection Algorithms for Aggregative Spacecraft Systems
2017, PhD
Guidance and Control for Multi-stage Rendezvous and Docking Operations in the Presence of Uncertainty

Jilla, Cyrus
2002, PhD
A Multiobjective, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Methodology for the Conceptual Design of Distributed Satellite Systems
1998, SM
Separated Spacecraft Interferometry - System Architecture Design and Optimization

Jivanescu, Iulia
2016, SM
Structure and Performance of Carbon Xerogel Molded Emitters for Micropropulsion Applications

Jones, Michael
2015, SM
The Engineering Design of the REXIS Solar X-ray Monitor and Risk Management Considerations for Resource Constrained Payload Development

Jordan, Elizabeth
2007, SM
Design and Shape Control of Lightweight Mirrors for Dynamic Performance and Athermalization

Jyothindran,, Vishnu
2013, SM
A Vision Based Control System for Autonomous Rendezvous and Capture of a Mars Orbital Sample