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Hacker, Troy
2000, SM
Performance Analysis of a Space-Based GMTI Radar System Using Separated Spacecraft Interferometry

Han, Christopher
2011, SM
Development of Modular Real-Time Software for the TALARIS Lunar Hopper Testbed

Hansel, George
2014, SM
Power conversion and scaling for vanishingly small satellites with electric propulsion

Hayhurst, Dustin
2014, SM
Development and Implementation of the SPHERES-Slosh Experiment

Henry, Melvin
2002, SM
Model-based Estimation of Probabilistic Hybrid Automata

Hicks, Fernando Mier
2014, SM
Characterization of a Magnetically Levitated Testbed for Electrospray Propulsion Systems

Hilton, Andrew
2015, SM
A Performance-Driven Experiment Framework for Space Technology Development Using the International Space Station

Ho, Koki
2015, PhD
Dynamic Network Modeling for Spaceflight Logistics with Time-Expanded Networks

Hoff III, Nicholas
2007, SM
Design and Implementation of a Relative State Estimator for Docking and Formation Control of Modular Autonomous Spacecraft

Howell, Deborah
2004, SM
Multi-Configuration Model Tuning for Precision Opto-Mechanical Systems
2007, PhD
Spatial Nyquist Fidelity Method for Structural Models of Opto-Mechanical Systems

Huffman, Kara
2006, SM
Designing Star Trackers to Meet Micro-satellite Requirements

Huntington, Geoffrey
2007, PhD
Advancement and Analysis of a Gauss Pseudospectral Transcription for Optimal Control Problems

Hyde, Tupper
1996, PhD
Active Vibration Isolation for Precision Space Structures