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Galabova, Kalina
2004, SM
Architecting a Family of Space Tugs based on Orbital Transfer Mission Scenarios

Gassend, Blaise
2007, PhD
A Fully Microfabricated Two-Dimensional Electrospray Array with Applications to Space Propulsion

Gettliffe, Gwendolyn
2012, SM
High-Temperature Superconductors as Electromagnetic Deployment and Support Structures in Spacecraft
2016, PhD
Stability Analysis of Electromagnetically Supported Large Space Structures

Gildea, Stephen
2012, PhD
Development of the Plasma Thruster Particle-in-Cell Simulator to Complement Empirical Studies of a Low-Power Cusped-Field Thruster

Glaese, Roger
1997, PhD
Impedance Matching for Structural-Acoustic Control
1994, SM
Development of Zero-Gravity Structural Control Models from Analysis and Ground Experimentation

Gracia March, Marina
2014, SM
Theoretical and experimental study of a collector satellite tethered system

Gray, Thomas
2008, SM
Minimizing High Spatial Frequency Residual in Active Space Telescope Mirrors

Grocott, Simon
1997, PhD
Dynamic Reconstruction and Multivariable Control for Force-Actuatued, Thin Facesheet Adaptive Optics
1994, SM
Comparison of control techniques for robust performance on uncertain structural systems

Guerra Garcia, Carmen
2011, SM
High Voltage Repetitive Pulsed Nanosecond Dis- charges as a Selective Source of Reactive Species

Gutierrez, Carlos
2000, SM
Unidirectional Active Acoustic Control for Launch Vehicle Fairings

Gutierrez, Homero
1999, PhD
Performance Assessment and Enhancement of Precision Controlled Structures During Conceptual Design