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Daspit, Ryan
2012, SM
Performance Characterization and Optimization of a Diverging Cusped Field Thruster with a Calibrated Counter-Weighted Millinewton Thrust Stand

Dave, Pratik
2014, SM
Using a Co-located GNSS Radio Occultation Payload for Microwave Radiometer Calibration

de Blonk, Brett
2003, PhD
Optical-Level Structural Modelling of Membrane Mirrors for Spaceborne Telescopes

de Soria-Santacruz Pich, Maria
2011, SM
Radiation of VLF/ELF Waves from a Magnetospheric Tether
, SM

de Weck, Olivier
2001, PhD
Multivariable Isoperformance Methodology for Precision Opto-Mechanical Systems
1999, SM
Integrated Modeling and Dynamics Simulation for the Next Generation Space Telescope

Decker, Zachary
2016, SM
A Systems-Engineering Assessment of Multiple CubeSat Build Approaches

Deems, Elizabeth
2007, SM
Risk Management of Student-Run Small Satellite Programs

Deux, Jean-Marie
2004, SM
Kinetic Modeling of Electrodynamic Space Tethers

Diaz, Pablo
2011, SM
Electrospray Emitters For Diffusion Vacuum Pumps

Diaz-Aguillo, Marc
2009, SM
Optimal Interferometric Maneuvers for Distributed Telescopes

Dietrich, Carl
2007, PhD
Improving Particle Confinement in Inertial Electrostatic Fusion for Spacecraft Power and Propulsion

Do, Sydney
2011, SM
An Airbag-Based Impact Attenuation System for the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle
2016, PhD
Towards Earth Independence- Tradespace Exploration of Long-Duration Crewed Mars Surface System Architectures