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Campbell, Mark
1996, PhD
Uncertainty Modeling for Structural Control Analysis and Synthesis

Carlton, Ashley
2016, SM
Fault Detection Algorithms for Spacecraft Monitoring and Environmental Sensing

Carretero-Benignos, Jorge
2005, PhD
Numerical Simulation of a Single Emitter Colloid Thruster in Pure Droplet Cone-Jet Mode

Carte, David
2015, SM
The REgolith X-ray Imaging Spectrometer Flight Model: Structural Design, Analysis, and Testing

Cataldo, Giuseppe
2015, PhD
Development of ultracompact, high-sensitivity, space-based instrumentation for far-infrared and submillimeter astronomy

Cazeau, Patrick
1994, SM
The Implementation of Optimal Full State Feedback Using Area Averaging Sensors

Celik, Murat
2007, PhD
Experimental and Computational Studies of Electric Thruster Plasma Radiation Emission

Chaize, Mathieu
2003, SM
Enhancing the Economics of Satellite Constellations via Staged Deployment and Orbital Reconfiguration

Chan, Kin
1994, SM
Nonlinear Modeling of High Field Ferroelectric Ceramics For Structural Actuation

Chang, Darren Datong
2004, SM
Quantifying Technology Infusion and Policy Impact on Low Earth Orbit Communication Satellite Constellations

Chen, Allen
2002, SM
Propulsion System Characterization for the SPHERES Formation Flight and Docking Testbed

Cheng, Shannon
2002, SM
Computational Modeling of a Hall Thruster Plasma Plume in a Vacuum Tank
2007, PhD
Modeling of Hall Thruster Lifetime and Erosion Mechanisms

Chepko, Ariane
2009, SM
Technology Selection and Architecture Optimization of In-Situ Resource Utilization Systems

Chiasson, Thomas
2012, SM
Modeling the Characteristics of Propulsion Systems Providing Less Than 10 N Thrust

Chodas, Mark
2014, SM
Improving the Design Process of the REgolith X-Ray Imaging Spectrometer with Model-Based Systems Engineering

Chung, Seung
2003, SM
A Decomposed Symbolic Approach to Reactive Planning
2008, PhD
Model-based Planning through Constraint and Causal Order Decomposition

Chung, Soon-Jo
2002, SM
Design, Implementation and Control of a Sparse Aperture Imaging Satellite
2007, PhD
Nonlinear Control and Synchronization of Multiple Lagrangian Systems with Application to Tethered Formation Flight Spacecraft

Clark, James
2016, SM
Nonlinear Optics for Frequency-Doubling in Nanosatellite Laser Communications

Clawson, Alissa
2001, SM
Capturing the Impact of Model Error on Structural Dynamic Analyses During Design Evolution

Clements, Emily
2013, SM
Characterizating Uncertainty to Manage Risk in Spacecraft Development with Application to Structures and Mass

Coffee, Thomas
2015, PhD
Validated Global Multiobjective Optimization of Trajectories in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

Coffman, Chase
2016, PhD
Electrically-Assistated Evaporation of Charged Fluids: Fundamental Modeling and Studies on Ionic Liquids

Cohan, Lucy
2007, SM
Integrated Modeling to Facilitate Control Architecture Design for Lightweight Space Telescopes
2010, PhD
Integrated Modeling and Design of Lightweight, Active Mirrors for Launch Survival and On-Orbit Performance

Cohanim, Babak
2004, SM
Multiobjective Optimization of a Radio Telescope Array

Collins, Simon
1994, PhD
Multi-Axis Adaptive Feedforward Cancellation of Cryocooler Vibration

Corbin, Ben
2011, SM
Spectral Measurements of Hydrogen Lyman-alpha in the Atmospheres of Venus and Jupiter Using a Sounding Rocket and the Hubble Space Telescope

Cordeiro, Timothy
2016, SM
Dynamic Instabilities Imparted by CubeSat Propulsion

Courtney, Daniel
2008, SM
Development and Characterization of a Diverging CuspedField Thruster and a Lanthanum Hexaboride Hollow Cathode
2011, PhD
Ionic Liquid Ion Source Emitter Arrays Fabricated on Bulk Porous Substrates for Spacecraft Propulsion

Cunio, Philip
2012, SM
Tradespace Model for Planetary Surface Exploration Hopping Vehicles