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Babuscia, Alessandra
2012, PhD
Statistical Risk Estimation for Communication System Design

Bailey, Zachary
2010, SM
A Trade Space Model for Robotic Lunar Exploration

Bairstow, Brian
2006, SM
Effectiveness of Integration of System-Level Optimization in Concurrent Engineering for Rocket Design

Baker, Brittany
2012, SM
Reconfigurable Wheels: Re-Inventing the Wheel for the Next Generation of Planetary Rovers

Baldesarra, Mark
2007, SM
A Decision-Making Framework to Determine the Value of On-Orbit Servicing Compared to Replacement of Space Telescopes

Bayley, Laura
2016, SM
Integration and Test of the REgolith X-ray Imaging Spectrometer and Recommendations for Low-Cost, High-Risk Spaceflight Programs

Beerer, Ingrid
2013, SM
Modeling Dispersions In Initial Conditions For Air-Launched Rockets And Their Effect On Vehicle Performance

Bellingham, John
2002, SM
Coordination and Control of UAV Fleets using Mixed-Integer Linear Programming

Bent, Aaron
1994, SM
Piezoelectric Fiber Composites for Structural Actuation

Berkovitz, Dustin
2007, SM
System Characterization and Online Mass Property Identification of the SPHERES Formation Flight Testbed

Blaurock, Carl
1994, SM
Impedance Matching and Energy Shunting Control for Nonpositive Real Structures

Bobronnikov, Sergei
1994, SM
Modeling and Modal Identification of Jointed Space Structures in One- and Zero-Gravity Environments

Bogosian, Josef
2008, SM
Image Collection Optimization in the Design and Operation of Lightweight, Low Areal-Density Space Telescopes

Boulanger, Louis
2014, SM
Improvements to a Fully Kinetic Hall Thruster Simulation Code and Characterization of the Cylindrical Cusped Field Thruster

Bounova, Gergana
2005, SM
Graph-theoretical Considerations in the Design of Complex Engineering Systems for Robustness and Scalability
2005, SM
Graph-theoretical Considerations in the Design of Complex Engineering Systems for Robustness and Scalability

Bourgault, Frederic
2000, SM
Model Uncertainty and Performance Analysis for Precision Controlled Space Structures

Bralower, Harrison
2013, SM
Mechanical Design, Calibration, and Environmental Protection of the REXIS DAM

Brikner, Natalya
2014, PhD
On the Identification and Mitigation of Life-limiting Mechanisms of Ionic Liquid Ion Sources Envisaged for Propulsion of Microspacecraft

Brown, Julian
2016, SM
ROAD: Rapid Optical Asteroid Detection

Bruccoleri, Alexander
2009, SM
The Design and Feasibility of a 10 mN Chemical Space Propulsion Thruster

Buck, Alexander
2013, SM
Path Planning and Position Control and of an Underactuated Electromagnetic Formation Flight Satellite System in the Near Field

Burke, Caley
2010, SM
Nutation in the Spinning SPHERES Spacecraft and Fluid Slosh

Byrne, James
2016, SM
Resource-constrained Avionics Design for CubeSats