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Abernathy, Erik
1996, PhD
Probabilistic Analysis and Design of Dimensionally Stable Composite Structures

Aguirre, Francisco
1994, SM
Multi-Axis Active Isolation from a Lightly Damped Vibrating Structure

Ahsun, Umair
2007, PhD
Dynamics and Control of Electromagnetic Satellite Formations

Alibay, Farah
2014, PhD
Evaluation of Multi-Vehicle Architectures for the Exploration of Planetary Bodies in the Solar System

Alvisio, Bruno
2015, SM
Development and Validation of an Electromagnetic Formation Flight Simulation as a Platform for Control Algorithm Design

Anderson, Eric
1993, PhD
Robust Placement of Actuators and Dampers for Structural Control

Andersson, Mark
1996, PhD
Structural Shape Estimation Using Shaped Sensors

Andringa, Jason
2001, SM
A System Study on how to Dispose of Small Satellites

Asari, Koji
1998, PhD
Vibroacoustic Modeling and Control for Launch Vehicle Shrouds

Azkarate, Martin
2009, SM
Optimal Formation Flight Control Using Coupled Inter-Spacecraft Dynamics

Azziz, Yassir
2003, SM
Instrument Development and Plasma Measurements on a 200-Watt Hall Thruster Plume
2007, PhD
Experimental and Theoretical Characterization of a Hall Thruster Plume