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A Generalized Impedance Matching Feedback Law for Structural-Acoustic Control
R.M. Glaese, D.W. Miller
Journal of Sound and Vibration 2, 1999

A Multi-Objective, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Methodology for the Conceptual Design of Distributed Satellite Systems
Cyrus D. Jilla, David W. Miller
Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets 1, 2004

A Traveling Wave Approach to Power Flow in Structural Networks
D. W. Miller, A. H. von Flotow
Journal of Sound and Vibration , 1989

An Open Research Facility for Vision-Based Navigation Onboard the International Space Station
Dr Brent Tweddle, Mr Timothy Setterfield, Dr Alvar Saenz-Otero, Dr David Miller
Journal of Field Robotics , 2015

An overnight habitat for expanding lunar surface exploration
Mr Samuel Schreiner, Mr Timothy Setterfield, Mr Daniel Roberson, Mr Benjamin Putbrese, Mr Kyle Kotowick, Mr Morris Vanegas, Mr Mike Curry, Ms Lynn Geiger, Mr David Barmore, Mr Jordan Foley, Mr Paul LaTour, Dr Jeffrey Hoffman, Dr James Head
Acta Astronautica , 2015

Analysis and calibration techniques for superconducting resonators
Giuseppe Cataldo, Edward J. Wollack, Emily M. Barrentine, Ari-David Brown, S. Harvey Moseley, Kongpop U-Yen
Review of Scientific Instruments 1, 2015

Application of Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Techniques to Distributed Satellite Systems
C.D. Jilla, D.W. Miller, R.J. Sedwick
Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets 4, 2000

ARGOS Testbed: Study of Multidisciplinary Challenges of Future Spaceborne Interferometric Arrays
Soon-Jo Chung, D.W. Miller, O.L. deWeck
SPIE Optical Engineering 9, 2004

Assessing the Performance of a Heuristic Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Design of Distributed Satellite Systems
C.D. Jilla, D.W. Miller
Acta Astronautica 5-12, 2001

Assessment of Modelling and Robust Control Techniques for Future Spacecraft: Middeck Active Control Experiment
J.P. How, D.W. Miller
Journal of the Astronautical Sciences 2, 1996