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The ExoplanetSat Mission to Detect Transiting Exoplanets with a CubeSat Space Telescope
Matthew Smith, Sara Seager, Christopher Pong, Matthew Knutson, David Miller, Timothy Henderson, Sungyung Lim, Tye Brady, Michael Matranga, Shawn Murphy
Small Satellite Conference, 2011

The SPHERES VERTIGO Goggles: An overview of vision-based navigation research results from the International Space Station
Brent Tweddle, Steve Ulrich, Timothy Setterfield, Alvar Saenz-Otero, David Miller
International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automationin Space (i-SAIRAS), 2014

The SPHERES VERTIGO Goggles: Vision Based Mapping and Localization onboard the International Space Station
B.E. Tweddle, A. Saenz-Otero, A., D.W. Miller
International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation in Space, 2012

The VERTIGO Goggles: An Experimental Microgravity Testbed for Spacecraft Vision Based Navigation
B.E. Tweddle, A. Saenz-Otero, D.W. Miller
AAS ISS Research and Development Conference, 2012

The Zero Robotics SPHERES Challenge 2010
Alvar Saenz-Otero, Jacob Katz, Alvin T Mwijuka
IEEE Aerospace Conference Paper #1678, 2011

Three-Degree-of-Freedom Testing of Attitude Determination and Control Algorithms on ExoplanetSat
Christopher Pong, Sara Seager, David Miller
AAS Guidance & Control Conference, 2014

Typical Section Problems for Structural Control Applications
R. N. Jacques, J. de Luis,D. W. Miller
Dynamics Specialists Conference, 1990