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Spacecraft to Remove Charged Particles from the Van Allen Belts
Dustin Hayhurst, Joslyn
Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum , 2012

SPHERES VERTIGO Program: Vision Based Navigation Research onboard the International Space Station
Tweddle, B.E.
ICRA Spacecraft Robotics Workshop,

SPHERES Zero Robotics software development: Lessons on crowdsourcing and collaborative competition
S. Nag, I. Heffan, A. Saenz-Otero, M. Lydon
IEEE Aerospace Conference, 2012

SPHERES Zero Robotics: Education using Games
S. Nag, J.G. Katz, A. Saenz-Otero
International Astronautical Congress, 2011

SPHERES-VERTIGO Test Session 74B (TS-74B)
Mr Timothy Setterfield, Mr Max Yates, Mr Kevin vanHecke
ISS Research & Development Conference, 2016

SPHERES: A Testbed For Long Duration Satellite Formation Flying In Micro-Gravity Conditions
D. Miller, A. Saenz-Otero, J. Wertz, A. Chen, G. Berkowski, C. Brodel, S. Carlson, D. Carpenter, S. Chen, S. Cheng, D. Feller, S. Jackson, B. Pitts, F. Perez, J. Szuminski, S. Sell
AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting, 2000

System Identification by the ORSE Technique with a Finite Number of Data Samples
K. Liu, D. W. Miller
American Control Conference, 1993