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2007-Fabrication and Characterization of Porous Metal Emitters for Electrospray Thrusters.pdf
2008-Maximizing One-Dimensional Porous Emitter Packing Density for Electrospray Applications.pdf
2008-Performance of Heavy Ionic Liquids with Porous Metal Electrospray Emitters.pdf
2012-Correlation of GEO Communications Satellite Anomalies and Space Weather Phenomena: Improved Satellite Performance and Risk Mitigation.pdf
2012-CubeSat Deformable Mirror Demonstration.pdf
2012-Direct Imaging of ExoEarths Embedded in Clumpy Debris Disks.pdf
2012-Spacecraft to Remove Charged Particles from the Van Allen Belts.pdf
2012-Visual-Inertial Estimation and Control for Inspection of Tumbling Spacecraft: Experimental Results from the International Space Station.pdf
2013-A Bottom-up Modeling Approach for the Profit Analysis of Cellularized Spacecraft Architectures.pdf
2013-Architecting Cellularized Space Systems using Model-Based Design Exploration.pdf
2013-Causal Relationships between Solar Proton Events and Single Event Upsets for Communication Satellites.pdf
2013-Human-Robotic Interaction for Lunar Exploration in the Development of a Lunar Far-Side Radio Observatory.pdf
2014-Definition and Testing of an Architectural Tradespace for On-Orbit Assemblers and Servicers.pdf
2014-Resource Aggregated Reconfigurable Control and Risk-Allocative Path Planning for On-orbit Assembly and Servicing of Satellites.pdf
2015-INSPECT Sensor Suite for On-Orbit Inspection and Characterization with Extravehicular Activity Spacecraft.pdf
2015-Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization of On Orbit Satellite Assembly Architectures.pdf